Thông tin Jaka English Course (JEC)

Since JEC1, there have been many changes for improvement. This post is to provide the latest information about the course.

Since a kid, I have developed my own way of learning English, and then share with friends the experience. I tested by conducting the first course and it worked. Jaka English Course provides the practical way to speed up your self-teaching skill. The philosophy: “Good in 3 months, or 3 years. It’s totally our choice.”

General information

  • Number of students is limited to 8 for better quality
  • Fee: 800.000/course
  • Schedule: 8 sessions, 90 minutes each (can be extended up to 120 munites), 3 sessions per week. Specific time can be arranged by the students (often 18:30-20:30)
  • Venue: now is 168/2 Dang Van Ngu, Phu Nhuan District, quiet and comfortable office so you can speak loudly and proudly.

The program
Depending on the specific requirements from the students, the JEC program may vary

  1. Discover your goals: English is a huge thing, learn just what’s needed the most
  2. Discover yourself: the good skills to be strengthened and weak points to improve
  3. How to teach yourself the 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  4. Maximize your performance: spend less time, yet learn much more
  5. Get rid of boredom: make things more interesting, use your creativity
  6. The art of speaking, public speaking and inspiring yourself
  7. Active learning: at anywhere, at anytime, with anyone, from anything
  8. Pronunciation: what matters?

Who can enroll. Requirements. Further notice.

  1. Wanting to improve and ready to experience changes
  2. Since the course shall be conducted in English, basic listening and speaking ability is needed
  3. Every individual is unique in his/her approach to English. It is required that you write down and submit your desired goals so the course can be made more suitable and effective for you
  4. Be prepared to introduce yourself to the group
  5. Prepare your favorite learning materials (any good book)
  6. To be lazy or have more time for anything else, stay active during the course ^^

How to enroll

Email, SMS or call 09191.74.987 for enrollment or questions. When there are enough students, time and venue will be arranged according to your convenience.